The Health Optimisation Summit

Neuronic is exhibiting at The Health Optimisation Summit

It's official: Neuronic will be exhibiting the Neuradiant 1070 at The Health Optimisation Summit in London, the largest event on the calendar for health optimisation happening on June 17-18, 2023!

Our Neuradiant 1070, which targets certain user brain regions based on QEEG data, is based on the Quietmind Foundation's groundbreaking applied clinical research to treat cognitive and behavioural symptoms of neurodegenerative illnesses. In this two-day game-changing summit, you’ll:
  • Discover the game-changing secrets and strategies that work for 35 world-leading speakers!
  • Optimise your mind, with cutting-edge information spanning psychedelics, meditation, nootropics, flow states, psychological health and more
  • Upgrade your body with hacks covering gut and liver optimisation, fertility and hormones, functional medicine, heavy metal toxicity and more
  • Supercharge your environment – think EMFs, epigenetics, cold thermogenesis, and light.
  • Test the very best biohacking technology and products in a highly curated exhibitor village
  • Experience immersive breathwork & movement workshops
  • Discover your new tribe of like-minded friends and people who just ‘get you'
  • And of course, share your knowledge for health with your clients, friends and family as a community leader

Make sure to stop by our exhibition stand to try out our device and say hello! Register here if you want to find out more about this brain stimulation event and have access to the most recent information in this area.
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