Neuronic consultations go hand-in-hand with our product as we believe people should fully understand the application of photobiomodulation (PBM). It’s a lot more than simply shining a light on your head, the pre-set protocols are extremely basic applications of PBM, easy to use. However, having a custom designed protocol based on Quantitative EEG (QEEG) results and personal history will greatly enhance your PBM functional benefits.

What’s included?

There are six 30-minute online sessions with a senior Neuronic clinical consultant. From the time you place your order we request you book your appointments and complete them within the three month window to manage our schedules and ensure that we can provide the highest quality service.

The session outlines are below:

  1. Setting the Stage & Device Overview
  2. Reviewing the EEG & Protocol 1 - why less can often be more
  3. Reviewing the progress, noticing the effects
  4. Changing the protocol for continued success
  5. Ongoing dialogue regarding goals and progress.
  6. Final session to review findings from second QEEG, plan next steps.

Why should I obtain a QEEG brain map? 

QEEG or Quantitative EEG is an electroencephalogram (EEG) that’s a non-invasive recording of brain electrical activity. During this painless measurement, 19 small sensors, using small amounts of conductive gel or saline-soaked sponges, are attached to the scalp to record the electrical signals produced by the brain. The recorded data is analyzed by Neuronic’s clinical consultation team who are internationally recognized experts in this procedure.

QEEG-based consultation greatly increases Neuonic’s consultants’ ability to design individualized PBM protocols and will produce the most rapid and lasting improvements in both cognition and behavior. 

We encourage users to repeat the QEEG recording to allow the consultants to accurately compare the impact of the PBM stimulation and further refine the Neuradiant 4Q protocols.

Neuronic does not currently provide QEEG assessment services so the QEEG is an extra cost and can vary depending on location between $150-$300. This is a medical test and can be billed to Medicare and other third party insurance if provided by a provider who is allowed to bill for the acquisition of EEG (CPT-95816). We will, whenever possible, help you get in touch with qualified QEEG practitioners near you.

Who does the consultation

Marvin Berman, PhD directs clinical research and consultation services at Neuronic and works with a team of clinical professionals to train users and ensure the highest standard of professional consultation. All consultation services are provided by professionals directly affiliated with Neuronic.

Before your consultation and getting started

Prior to your consultation you should fill in our form that would have been sent to you upon your order confirmation. Contact us ASAP if you didn’t receive this in your confirmation order.

Once you have filled in the form, in the same confirmation email you will have the option to book your appointment with a Neuronic Consultant. Please ensure you do this and complete your 6 sessions within the 3 month window. We are not liable if you don’t show up, do not book a time slot or don’t take up the consultation after you have purchased it. Engaging in the consultation is entirely voluntary and you take full responsibility for ensuring your participation.

Extending the consultation

So, it’s likely you're reading this as you have both enjoyed and got great value from our consultation. It’s a common question we have been asked, “How do I extend my consultation?” 

Simply get in touch with us at and we will organize the next steps.

Terms and conditions

It’s important to us that you understand what this entails and it’s important for you to understand what you are getting so we can align expectations.

The Neuradiant 1070 4Q is not a medical device and the personalized consultation is NOT to be considered a medical advice or in any way an alternative to obtaining medical advice from your healthcare providers. We are providing consultation on the use of our product to achieve optimal benefits for general wellness and promoting brain health.