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If you're a professional looking to enhance your practice and provide unparalleled benefits to your clients, Neuronic has the perfect solution for you.

Not only will you have the opportunity to incorporate the Neuradiant 1070 into your practice, but you can also become a consultant trained by Neuronic.

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Meet Lara Christian, a renowned Licensed Professional Counselor (MA, LPC, BCN) based in Houston. Lara's expertise in Anxiety, Sleep, OCD, Parkinson's, Autism, and more is elevated by integrating the Neuradiant 1070.

In conversation with Neuronic co-founder Liam Pingree, Lara shares her clients' transformative journeys through the fusion of mastery and cutting-edge technology.

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Lara Christian

Liam Pingree

Boost your practice with the synergy of neurofeedback & photobiomodulation

While photobiomodulation can be integrated with various types of practices, neurofeedback and photobiomodulation stand out as preferred choices among professionals.

The significance of brain oscillations in promoting brain wellness cannot be overstated. Scientific research underscores the transformative impact of brain light therapy, also called as photobiomodulation (PBM), as a non-invasive neurostimulation technique to regulate and influence brain oscillations. By employing light pulsation at precise frequencies, PBM effectively restores equilibrium to these oscillations, thereby directly shaping neural activity.

This interconnectedness between brain oscillations and neural function underscores the remarkable potential of brain photobiomodulation. Our device empowers consultants with the expertise to modulate brain waves. Through individualized training, the Neuradiant 1070 usage can optimize specific brain wave patterns, enriching essential brain network functions tailored to each client's distinct requirements.

Moreover, research underscores the potential synergy of coupling neurofeedback with light therapy, further enhancing cellular activity in the brain and advancing overall neurological well-being. According to Berman et al. (2019), the combination of neurofeedback therapy and photobiomodulation appears to be a safe and effective method to stop disease progression and prevent further neuronal damage.

PBM-treated subjects in this study used a device with a 1068 nm light-emitting diode (LEDs) with neurofeedback therapy and QEEG measurements to treat cognitive impairment and dementia. Of the initial signs and symptoms, ~75% showed an overall improvement. Impressive, right?

Neuradiant 1070 Protocols

The Neuradiant 1070 is equipped with four pre-set programs that are based on distinct brainwave settings. Additionally, our device offers the flexibility of custom protocols. Let's explore these features:


This program utilizes a 10Hz pulse rate and is associated with alpha brain waves. Alpha brain waves are known for inducing a relaxed and tranquil state of consciousness. This fosters a sense of relaxation and peacefulness.


Operating at a 40Hz pulse rate, this program is linked with gamma brain waves. Gamma waves have demonstrated the potential to enhance cognitive functioning, short-term memory, and mental flexibility. Engaging in this program can aid in improving focus and concentration.


Designed to boost cortical blood flow, the Energize program employs 20Hz Beta Brain waves. This increase in blood flow provides the brain with additional oxygen, ultimately leading to heightened attention and clarity.


The Glow program is tailored to encourage the renewal and revitalization of cellular health. By promoting increased blood flow, this program aids in the removal of waste products. Notably, this program operates at a fixed intensity of 100%, with no pulsing.

Custom Program

The custom program offers users the ability to personalize their experience by adjusting the intensity, time, and frequency Hz of the program. This option is particularly valuable for clinicians and users seeking tailored solutions.

In summary, the Neuradiant 1070 features four pre-set programs aligned with distinct brainwave settings, along with the option for users to create custom protocols that suit their specific needs. This versatile range of programs underscores the device's capability to provide targeted and customizable experiences for enhanced brain wellness.

Offer a Personalized Approach

No two brains are alike. With the Neuradiant 1070, you can tailor sessions based on your clients’ individual needs due to our 4-quadrant brain feature alongside the customization of pulse rate, intensity, and duration.

Whether targeting mood enhancement, sleep improvement, stress reduction, or cognitive optimization, our device offers versatility and customization for every client.

Easy Integration, Remarkable Results

The Neuradiant 1070 is a brain light therapy device that utilizes light therapy technology, a non-invasive method that uses specific wavelengths of light to stimulate cellular function in the brain. It seamlessly integrates into your neurofeedback practice.

With as little as 10 minutes, your clients can experience remarkable improvements in mood, focus, cognitive performance, and more—whether at your clinic or in the comfort of their homes.

Light Therapy as a Safe,
Side-Effect-Free Solution

Extensive research supports the efficacy of light therapy in addressing a wide range of conditions, including:








Brain Injury



The safety of light therapy is backed by numerous studies, including research from institutions like the Wellman Center for Photomedicine at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) and NASA.

While not FDA-approved, LED light therapy is classified as a "non-significant risk," ensuring safety.

Track Your Clients’ Progress with Confidence

Validate your clients’ cognitive enhancements with cutting-edge techniques like electroencephalogram (EEG) monitoring, providing tangible proof of their positive brain activity changes.

19-Channel EEG of 80-year-old male with Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI) using the Neuradiant 1070:

Before (September 2022)

After (February 2023)

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Neuronic devices are not medical devices nor intended to diagnose, treat or prevent any disease. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.

1. Berman, M. H., Nichols, T., Huang, J., & Nizamutdinov, D. (2019). Noninvasive neurotherapeutic treatment of neurodegeneration: integrating photobiomodulation and neurofeedback training. In M. R. Hamblin & Y.-Y. Huang (Eds.), Photobiomodulation in the Brain (pp. 447-462). Academic Press. https://doi.org/10.1016/B978-0-12-815305-5.00032-4