High Performance in Healthy Individuals

Photobiomodulation is not only something for those looking at alternative therapies. It can also be used on healthy individuals to drive optimal performance. Did you know Jack Dorsey used to stand under a near infrared light when working at Twitter?

Near-infrared light delivers photons which are packets of light energy, absorbed by the human body, similar to that of the sun providing energy to plants. Light enters cells' mitochondria and is absorbed by the chromophores including the protein CCO Cytochrome C Oxidase which then increases activity.

As a result:

  • Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) increases in the main energy source for the majority of cellular functions.
  • Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) activate transcription factors positively impacting cellular repair and healing
  • Nitric Oxide (NO) increases circulation, decreases inflammation, and enhances the transport of oxygen and immune cells throughout the tissues.

The benefits of these effects above are increased cognitive function, more energy and focus and a higher alertness.


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