How to Use the Neuradiant 1070?

Thank you for purchasing the Neuradiant 1070! Please watch this 8-minute video which will give you an overview and understanding of your light therapy device.

Dr. Marvin Berman, co-founder of Neuronic, will teach you everything you need to know about the Neuradiant 1070 in this video, as:

- How to assemble the light therapy device;

- How to make the device comfortable for you;

- How to connect the device;

- How does the light therapy device work;

- How to use the 4 pre-set programs (Peace, Focus, Energize and Glow)

- How to choose a light therapy setting (learn more about the 4 pre-set programs)

- How often should you use the light therapy device?

- How to avoid overstimulation

- How to schedule a consultation?

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