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Neuradiant 1070 4Q (4 Quadrant)

Neuradiant 1070 4Q (4 Quadrant)

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NEURADIANT 1070 (Exclusively for Clinicians)

If you haven't purchased a device before, we might ask you for proof of understanding of how to use the Neuradiant 1070 using the 4 Quadrant feature

The Neuradiant 1070 4Q is a solution for clinicians who want to offer pulsed transcranial photobiomodulation services in their clinics.

This purchase is for our Neuradiant 1070 with access to the 4 quadrant control settings located in the password-protected "Clinical Settings" section on the device.

Note: This purchase does not include consultation or further guidance on using the device. If you would like to have a consultation on how to use the device in the clinic please get in touch with a member of the sales team.

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