Dr. Paul Chazot presenting on the potential use of infrared light therapy for Alzheimer's disease.

Can Infrared Light Help With Alzheimer's Disease? | Dr. Paul Chazot

Major brain diseases, like Alzheimer's or Parkinson's are affecting more and more people in the world. How can infrared light therapy help?

Infrared light therapy delivers pulses of light to the brain to stimulate electrical brain waves involved in cognition. According to the research, one of the most important benefits of infrared light therapy is the fact it can help with cognitive decline.

Dr. Paul Chazot is a successful researcher from Durham University in the UK, and he focuses on chronic pain and pruritus, ALS, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, delirium, post concussion syndrome, Covid-19 effects in the brain, diabetic complications, epilepsy, intensive and end-of-life care environments, and developing rational synthetic and natural project-based, transcranial photobiomodulation and biopsychosocial therapeutics.

Currently, Dr. Paul is working on a ground-breaking infrared light therapy that has the potential to help people with dementia through the use of an infrared light therapy device which can trigger nerve cell repair and increasing blood flow to the brain.

Check this video to learn how can infrared light therapy reverse Alzheimer's disease and other conditions.


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