Cognitive Enhancement

Proven effectiveness for boosting memory and mood.

What is Neuronic?

Neuronic develops wellness devices that send out near-infrared light. More and more research shows that near-infrared light has a positive impact on the mood and general well being. We use 100% of our profits to further this science and currently we are conducting our own trials.

From The Manufacturer

Science Backed
Near-infrared technology is FDA cleared and used by NASA. Recent studies have shown increased cognitive functioning when exposed to near-infrared light.
Our device can be used from home with our intuitive instructions and programs. Simply wear it for a few minutes a day while reading your book or scrolling your phone.
The near-infrared light from our device increases the general mood, overall cognition and strengthens your brain providing you with more energy and focus throughout your day.
There are no known side effects of near-infrared light.

The Science Behind Neuronic

Photobiomodulation describes the use of near-infrared light to stimulate, heal, regenerate, and protect tissue that has either been injured or degenerating. Photobiomodulation on the brain is an up-and-coming field in neuroscience and general brain performance. To read more on published research, follow the link below.



“We have been using the helmet 2 times a day for the last 2 weeks. We are experiencing better sleep and we thought you might be interested in knowing that we both have Bio Straps we wear at night monitoring our sleep and heartrate and we have noticed a significant increase in our HRV scores - we are appreciative to you.”

Jayne - Manayunk, Philadelphia

“Within two weeks of therapy at 6 minutes twice daily, I noticed that my 92 year old mother was happier, laughing and smiling more, her piano playing was more playful, she was repeating herself less often, she was more tolerant of the caregivers, and helping around the house more (offering to help do dishes AND actually doing them)”

Alex G. - Oaklyn, Philadelphia

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