Headaches, brain fog, and fatigue from Long Covid?

You’re not alone. At least 65 million individuals worldwide are estimated to have long COVID.

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Neuradiant 1070 eases long COVID symptoms

as per the findings of a clinical trial*

Results with as little as 14 minutes a day.

You may also experience significant improvements in Long COVID symptoms, just like the subjects in the clinical trial, after only a few minutes of using our light therapy device.

How light therapy works for long COVID?

Light therapy for long COVID may work by enhancing cellular energy production, reducing inflammation, promoting tissue repair, and offering potential neuroprotective effects, providing a promising approach to alleviate symptoms like brain fog and fatigue.

What results can I expect to achieve?

While individual experiences with brain light therapy can differ, all participants in this study reported a return to normal or 'better than normal' cognitive functioning by the end of the month-long trial period.

Watch the video by Dr. Robert Bowen from West Virginia University, the study's author, for first hand accounts:

About the speakers

Robert E. Bowen, M.D.

Marvin H. Berman, PhD

With real indicators of progress.

The clinical trial revealed positive changes in the subjects' brain activity, which were confirmed through advanced monitoring techniques such as electroencephalogram (EEG) and Event-Related Potentials (ERP).

Check out this remarkable case study of a 34-year-old female who experienced severe congestion, brain fog, and fatigue. After undergoing 12 sessions of light therapy with Neuradiant 1070 and neurofeedback, she reported an overall recovery rate of 90%, effectively addressing these challenging symptoms.

19-Channel EEG of 34 year-old female with long COVID-19 using Neuradiant 1070 and swLORETA NF

Before (October 2022)

After (February 2023)

Embrace the groundbreaking research transforming long COVID recovery with revolutionary light therapy.

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*The image used is symbolic; 1070nm wavelength light is invisible to the human eye.