Roger Lee

Roger Lee, FSERA®, holds a Master of Science in Mental Health Psychology from the University of Liverpool. With a strong background in STEM, he has been deeply immersed in the field of neuroscience, specializing in advanced technologies such as neurofeedback and transcranial photobiomodulation.

Over the years, Roger Lee has successfully assisted numerous children with special needs in regaining or enhancing their abilities in various aspects through the cutting-edge neurofeedback technology. In recognition of his exceptional contributions, Roger Lee was honored with a fellowship by the prestigious Social Enterprise Research Academy in 2020.

He is the founder of Brain Infinity Neurofeedback, a neurofeeback facility focused on helping individuals by using scientific approaches to alleviate or achieve full remission from various mental health conditions, such as ADHD, autism (ASD), and mood problems.


Empowering Mental Health Through Cutting-Edge Neurofeedback and Transcranial Photobiomodulation Techniques with Roger Lee

As a dedicated professional, Roger Lee is keenly aware of the challenges parents face in caring for children with special needs, including the frustration stemming from unexplained brain conditions during diagnosis and the slow progress of traditional therapies.

Roger Lee's unwavering passion lies in helping individuals with mental health problems, and he is committed to providing compassionate care and utilizing innovative approaches such as neurofeedback and transcranial photobiomodulation to make a meaningful difference in the lives of his patients.