A Case Study on Brain Activity: Unlocking Cognitive Potential with Neuradiant 1070 and NeuroCatch®

A Case Study on Brain Activity: Unlocking Cognitive Potential with Neuradiant 1070 and NeuroCatch®

Our brain is one of the most complex organs in our bodies, which is why we're constantly searching for innovative ways to improve our brain health. Researchers are exploring various avenues to achieve this goal, and one intriguing approach they're looking for is the use of light therapy. A case study highlights the Neuradiant 1070, a transcranial photobiomodulation device from Neuronic, on its potential and effects on an individual's cognitive capabilities. In this blog, we will learn the overview and results of the case study using the Neuradiant 1070 and NeuroCatch®.


Measuring the Brain's Response Time

NeuroCatch® Platform offers an objective evaluation designed to measure cognitive brain function [1]. The NeuroCatch® Platform reports focus on 2 characteristics of brain waves: Amplitude (cortical response size) and Latency (response speed).
  1. Amplitude is like the size or height of brain waves. It tells us how strong or intense the brain's electrical activity is. Bigger amplitudes mean there's more going on in the brain. For example, when we're in deep sleep, our brain has big, slow waves. When we're awake, the waves are smaller and faster.
  2. Latency is about how long it takes for the brain to react to something. It's like measuring the time between a trigger (like a sound or light) and the brain's response. If the brain reacts quickly, it suggests it's working efficiently. Slower reactions might mean the brain is taking more time to process or dealing with a complex task.

Neuradiant 1070 & NeuroCatch® Platform Case Study Report

The study began with a healthy individual using the Neuradiant 1070 device, employing a 70 Hz, 12-minute PBM protocol at 75% intensity. Initial measurements revealed slower brain responses.

After the first PBM protocol on Day 1, basic attention and cognitive processing showed improvements. With consistent Neuradiant 1070 use for 14 days, responses strengthened and quickened, approaching average levels.

By Day 21, continued improvements in brain function were evident, with basic attention and cognitive processing nearing average levels. Auditory Sensation remained consistent.

Neuradiant 1070 & NeuroCatch® Platform Case Study Report

Unveiling Cognitive Potential 

The analysis of NeuroCatch® reports revealed a remarkable improvement in cognitive processing speed. What started as a below-average cognitive processing speed of 440 ms at baseline evolved into above-average speeds by Day 14, a trend that persisted through Day 21. Unlike devices that often yield temporary results, the Neuradiant 1070 showcased consistent benefits over the course of four weeks.

The fact that these advancements were lasting rather than merely temporary is important. The Neuradiant 1070 continuously enhanced cognitive abilities throughout the course of four weeks, in contrast to some devices that provide a brief boost before things return to normal. This implies the possibility of long-term cognitive improvement, which sets it apart.

If you want to maximize your cognitive potential and discover the long-term benefits of the Neuradiant 1070 for yourself, don't miss out on our comprehensive PDF report. Explore the case study in more detail to discover how this cutting-edge technology can enhance your cognitive capabilities over time.

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