How to customize your Neuradiant 1070 and find your light therapy sweet spot

How to customize your Neuradiant 1070 and find your light therapy sweet spot

With the Neuradiant 1070, you have the freedom to customize your light experience based on your preferences and needs, enhancing it with your own research:

  • Time: Determine the program’s duration, up to a maximum of 30 minutes;
  • Pulse rate: Set the light’s flashing frequency per second, with a maximum rate of 999 Hz. For instance, at 10 Hz, the light will flash ten times every second;
  • Intensity: Adjusts the light’s duty cycle or active duration for every pulse. At 100% intensity, no pulse rate can be set.

Example: If the device was set at 50% at 40 Hz for 10 minutes, it means for 5 minutes, light will be applied evenly throughout that 10-minute period. At 40 Hz, the light will be turned on and off 40 times within a second.

You can also adjust a pre-set program by inputting the same pulse rate as a pre-set program, but increasing the time and/or intensity of the program.

Custom programs can also be used for targeting a specific pulse rate which may be more beneficial dependent upon your goals.

To create the best program for you, refer to the information about brain waves on this blog.

Finding Your Optimal Settings

Custom programs can be used to get the sweet spot. Light therapy demonstrates a dose-response curve which means that there is a ‘sweet spot’ wherein the stimulation has the most positive impact on our cells and tissues. Too little stimulation provides little benefit, and too much stimulation can cause a diminishment of response.

Light therapy exhibits a biphasic response, so using the device too much may cancel out the benefits.

Indications that you have had too much light stimulation can occur during or shortly after completing a program and include: dizziness, headache, fatigue, irritability, agitation and congestion. Symptoms can also appear after a few hours. If symptoms persist, consult your healthcare professional and contact Neuronic for additional support.

From our experience it is helpful to hydrate with water before and after each session. This is to mitigate dehydration effects and help with light penetration. We also recommend eating some protein before the session to ensure adequate energy resources.

For sensitive individuals, please start slow (1 minute) and gradually increase stimulation. We recommend no more than 30 minutes a day. 

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