Antonio Candela

Antonio Candela, MSc, is a functional nutritionist and holds two masters by research in Neuroscience from the University of Edinburgh and University College London.
His field of interest has always been learning and memory processes with a specific focus on neurodegenerative diseases. In 2018, he came across the precision-medicine approach of Dr. Dale Bredesen for the reversal of cognitive decline. This was an astonishing turning point for Antonio who decided to leave research and devote his life to the therapeutic potential of functional medicine and nutrition. In December 2020, he became the first Italian certified in the execution of the Bredesen protocol (ReCODE 2.0 program).

His strong desire to improve people’s quality of life has led him to integrate photobiomodulation in the background of a precision-medicine approach. He believes that the therapeutic synergy of Functional Nutrition, Photobiomodulation and Neurofeedback is a powerful tool that can show unprecedented results in people with Alzheimer’s Disease and other chronic disorders. He has already worked with many patients with Alzheimer’s Disease and, as the field evolves, some of them are showing exciting results.