Rustam Yumash, BMed, Dip. Neurology

Rustam Yumash is the Founding Director of the Brain Mind & Memory Institute, Neurocoach and Neurofeedback Practitioner at Brain Care in Tweed Heads, NSW Australia.   He is a fellow member of the Applied Neuroscience Society of Australasia and dedicated to promoting Neuromodulation methods in mental health. 

Motivated by his own experience with a cerebral vascular inflammatory condition and headaches, Rustam developed a keen interest in brain-based therapies. His approach addresses biological, psychological, and social aspects, including epigenetic factors from generational stress and trauma.  

Rustam’s expertise in neuroscience allows him to perform comprehensive brain assessments to better understand the intricacies of brain function. This expertise forms the foundation of his innovative approach to addressing mental health challenges.  He enjoys exploring many aspects of brain science, specifically neurophysiology.

Rustam has mastered multiple modalities of Neurofeedback, including Infra Low Frequency, Near Infra-red light or Photobiomodulation, and Heart Rate Variability. HRV is a sensitive indicator of coping and adaption, stress levels and any instability in the brain or body. Rustam combines his scientific approach with the known benefits of deep meditation and breathwork. 

Through intensive breathwork and Deep Integrative Psychotherapy, Rustam addresses unconscious emotional and thought patterns that often manifest as psychosomatic symptoms or social difficulties.Rustam is also an active researcher, organizing workshops, webinars, and conferences in his field. 

In his leisure time, Rustam finds solace in the tranquility of natural surroundings and indulges in long meditation retreats for spiritual and physical well-being.

Rustam and his practice assist individuals with symptoms of: Addiction, ADHD, Anxiety, Autism, Bipolar Disorder, Behaviour Issues, Depression, Epilepsy, Functional Neurological Disorder, Learning Difficulties, MCI, OCD, Stress and Burnout, PTSD, TBI/Concussion.