How long does each Neuradiant 1070 protocol last?

How long does each Neuradiant 1070 protocol last?

Wondering how long to use your Neuradiant 1070 for each program? We've got you covered! Here's a breakdown of the pre-set programs and their recommended durations:

Pre-set protocols

  • Peace

  • This program uses a calming 10 Hz pulse rate for 9 minutes to promote a relaxed state of mind. It's ideal for unwinding or enhancing mindfulness practices.

  • Focus

  • The Focus program utilizes a 40 Hz pulse rate for 6 minutes, aiming to improve cognitive function, such as like short-term memory and reaction time. It's recommended to start with 3 minutes to assess your response before continuing for the full duration.

  • Balance

  • Designed to boost blood flow and mental clarity, Balance uses a 14 Hz pulse rate for a concise 3-minute session.

  • Glow

  • Glow provides continuous light for 10 minutes, promoting cellular renewal and healthy blood flow. This program is ideal for supporting overall brain health.

    Customization Options

    The Neuradiant 1070 allows you to create custom programs by adjusting:

    • Time: Up to a total of 30 minutes per day;
    • Pulse rate: Set a specific pulse rate ranging from 0 to 999 Hz to target desired brain wave frequencies;
    • Intensity: Adjust the light intensity from 0 to 100%.


    If you want to learn more about the customization options, please read this blog.

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